Our Group Fitness classes are a big reason many people join our club. We offer Spinning, Yoga, Pilates, Body Pump, Dance, TRX Suspension Training, Kickboxing and many more classes on a weekly basis. We offer over 35 classes per week and every class is included with your membership!

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Class Descriptions

BodyPump – A one hour, full body, weight based, muscle endurance class choreographed to new music with high reps and a lower weighted barbell and hand weights to tone muscles. 

Cardio Cross Train – One hour cardiovascular focused class with interval training, step aerobics, hi-lo, plyometric exercises and occasional cycling and weighted exercises intermixed.

Cardio Kickboxing - Boxing and kicking movements choreographeD to music for full body conditioning. The continuous movements provide a cardio workout in the traditional style of boxing without equipment. 

FitStep- Aerobic focused class with the use of an elevated platform. Similar to traditional step aerobics mixed with body conditioning elements to maximize cardiovascular fitness. 

Kickboxing Drills - This one hour drill class utilizes pads, gloves, medicine balls, heavy bags and jump ropes to maximize boxing drills/cardio output.

Pilates - Following a traditional pilates structure the class utilizes controlled movements in improve flexibility, build strength, control and endurance through the entire body. The class emphasizes core strength, alignment, breathing, balance and improving coordination with elements of barre.

Power Yoga - Taught by Align8Yoga instructors Yoko & Jeff, the class is in the style of vinyasa yoga, linking body movement with breath. Transitions between sustained postures form a continuous flow, ending with meditation. 

Spinning – An indoor cycling class set to well-paced music to focus on endurance, intervals and active recovery for cardiovascular training. The class is self-paced which each participant can increase or decrease intensity depending on their needs. Five core movements on the bike include: seated and standing flats, jumps, and seated & standing climbs.

Total Body Conditioning -  An alternative to BodyPump, this is a traditional weight lifting styled class where bands, body bars, barbells and dumbbells are used for strength training.

TRX Suspension Training – One hour, body weight exercises that leverage gravity and the participant’s body weight to develop full bodied strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. 

Yoga - A gentle, relaxation approach to yoga while promoting strength in the maintenance of poses through-out the class. Perfect for stretching and lengthening muscles from more intensive workouts.

YogaFit -  An infusion of yoga, pilates and tai-chi set to music to aid in stretching and strengthening the body. Great for beginners in yoga and for more advanced students looking to improve flexibility, increase core strength and reduce stress.